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    Maputo presentations on SACMEQII and education management
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22nd June 2010
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  Dear members

I am pleased to inform you that I attended and African Education Finance Alumni Network (AEFAN) in Maputo from October 24 - 27, 2011 at Hotel Cardoso, Maputo Mozambique. The main theme was "the use of evidence of quality education for formulation of plicies and plans". We mainly focused on the second survey  results of the Eatsern and Southern Africa Consortium for Monitoring of Education Quality (SACMEQII) which was done in 2000.

During the program I presented the following papers

1) Findings and policy suggest suggestions to the SACMEQII results. Click here to view it
2) Management for quality education provision. Click here to view it After the two presentations, a mini election was conducted and I was elected as the Chairperson for the education finance thematic group of the alumni. Dedication to TAMONGSCO members who exposed me to this course and consequent election.

Secretary General  
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